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Mitsubishi Electric Invests in Novel Crystal Technology to Accelerate Development of Gallium-oxide Power ICs
Release time: 2023-08-02

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has taken an equity position in Novel Crystal Technology Inc., a Japanese company that develops and sells gallium-oxide wafers—a promising candidate for use in superior energy-saving power semiconductors that Mitsubishi Electric intends to develop at an accelerated pace in support of global decarbonization.

Novel Crystal Technology, one of the world’s first companies to develop, manufacture and sell gallium-oxide wafers for power semiconductors, has manufacturing technology that Mitsubishi Electric will use in its production of gallium-oxide power semiconductors.

Mitsubishi Electric has been contributing to energy savings in power-electronic products by producing semiconductors made of silicon and silicon carbide (SiC). Recent advances have been achieved with SiC and gallium-nitride (GaN) wafers, but gallium-oxide wafers are expected to help achieve even higher breakdown voltages and lower power dissipation.

Mitsubishi Electric now expects to accelerate its development of superior energy-saving gallium-oxide power semiconductors by combining its own expertise in the design and manufacture of low-energy-loss, high-reliability power semiconductors with Novel Crystal Technology’s expertise in the production of gallium-oxide wafers.