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Synopsys Explores Chip Industry Trends and AI in EDA
Release time: 2023-08-03

In this exclusive video interview, we were able to sit down with Shankar Krishnamoorthy, general manager of the EDA business at Synopsys, at the company’s new headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, to talk about the trends and opportunities in EDA from the AI boom.


Krishnamoorthy talks about how AI will be key to enabling both advanced chip designs and enhancing productivity for engineers in an industry that’s unlikely to have all the engineers it needs to deliver ever-increasing complexity in semiconductor designs.

Krishnamoorthy discusses six key trends:

  • How Moore’s law is still alive and well,
  • How the transition to multi-die systems based on chiplets is absolutely happening,
  • Rapidly migrating designs to multiple different nodes due to wafer supply constraints,
  • The significant increase in verification complexity as customers look to get silicon done right the first time,
  • Five-nines (99.999%) reliability in applications, such as data centers and automotive, and
  • Productivity at a time when the total number of engineers joining the workforce isn’t really that significant, how do we dramatically improve the productivity of the engineers?

We touch on the progress of tools like Synopsys’ DSO.ai, which has just crossed 240 tapeouts with its customers, as well as how AI can become an amazing assistant for engineers through the full EDA stack. Krishnamoorthy also discusses cloud EDA adoption, automation and AI for analog design, and how generative AI will impact every EDA user. He said there are several explorations going on in this space, and that this is the beginning of a sunrise phase of generative AI in the EDA industry.