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Winbond Now Certified to ISO/SAE 21434
Release time: 2023-08-11

Winbond Electronics Corp.’s TrustME W77Q Secure Flash family has received the prestigious ISO/SAE 21434 international standard certification. This certification is important for all OEMs to the automotive industry, and Winbond has now become the first Flash vendor worldwide to achieve this standard certification and meet global regulatory requirements.

The ISO/SAE 21434 standard, titled “Road vehicles – cybersecurity engineering,” is developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the SAE International. It focuses on protecting road users by outlining requirements to ensure the robustness of automotive systems against cyber-attacks. This standard applies to manufactured road vehicles and cybersecurity-related subcomponents, including IC components. Compliance with UNECE R155 is necessary to obtain EU-Type approval and vehicle approval through GSR.

The ISO/SAE 21434 Cybersecurity Product Certification for Winbond’s W77Q Secure Flash family encompasses several key elements:

 Rigorous risk assessment and management processes to identify vulnerabilities and threats, enabling effective mitigation strategies. A systematic approach to cybersecurity throughout the entire product development lifecycle, integrating security into every aspect.

 Extensive testing and validation to verify robustness against potential cyber threats, ensuring the effectiveness of the products in protecting against attacks.

 Ongoing monitoring and improvement of cybersecurity practices to stay ahead of emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Winbond takes pride in being the first Specialty memory IC manufacturer to receive this Automotive CyberSecurity certification. This ISO/SAE 21434 certification showcases Winbond’s commitment to meet and exceed global cybersecurity standards, providing assurance to automotive clients that their products are designed and manufactured with utmost attention to cybersecurity vulnerabilities and risks.

In addition to the ISO/SAE 21434 certification, Winbond’s TrustME W77Q Secure Flash has already obtained other industry-recognized security and safety certifications, including Common Criteria EAL2+, SESIP level 2, FIPS CAVP and CMVP, and ISO 26262 ASIL-C Ready. These certifications enable the TrustME W77Q Secure Flash to meet the emerging demands in safety and cybersecurity for automotive applications.

Winbond’s dedication to cybersecurity is supported by TÜV, “We warmly congratulate you on this achievement and are excited to serve Winbond as a leading manufacturer of their advanced products with our assessment and certification services. With the acquisition of the ISO/SAE 21434 Certificate, Winbond claims to be State-of-the-Art with its products,” says Bernd Püttmann, TÜV NORD.

Winbond’s compliance with the ISO/SAE 21434 Road vehicles – cybersecurity engineering Certification reinforces our position as a trusted provider of secure solutions for the automotive market. This certification highlights Winbond’s commitment to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and resilience of customers’ data and applications, safeguarding critical information from unauthorized access or exploitation. Winbond believes that cybersecurity is a collective responsibility and remains at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation to ensure a secure digital ecosystem for our customers and partners.